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Inclusive Tourism

Accessible tourism is worth up to $9 Billion a year across Australia.

This is a huge section of the tourism market and people with disabilities want to travel, dine, sightsee and explore just like any other visitor! Lack of awareness of the barriers people with a disability may face mean some businesses miss out on these tourism dollars.

Tourism operators can make their businesses and attractions more accessible, inclusive and appealing by:

  • Ensuring websites are up to date and meet the best practice guidelines for accessibility
  • Promoting accessible features and changes undertaken to be more inclusive on websites, social media and through your local tourism operators
  • Accept Companion Cards that provide free entry to companions of people with a disability
  • Ensure your staff have access to disability and autism awareness training (see resources page for more info)
  • Promote quiet times on your website that will be more suitable for visitors on the spectrum, and connect with special interest groups
  • Include accessibility information on your homepage, keeping in with the rest of your branding, and provide information as well as any support you can offer to assist them
  • Locate local accessible accommodation options, and add their information to your website
  • Include accessible public transport info on your ‘Getting Here’ information
  • Become an inclusive employer and promote what your team do for your business – people want to support businesses that are socially progressive
  • Petition their local council to run Inclusive Towns in your area
  • Ask your customers for feedback on your access and inclusion
  • Ensure visitors know they can ask for your assisntace!

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