We are very excited to announce seven fully funded traineeships across the three local government areas of Mount Alexander, Loddon and Greater Bendigo. The three shires are planning on employing two to three trainees each. The traineeships being offered are in civil construction, horticulture, tourism, and business administration. Some trainees have already started in Bendigo, however Loddon and Mt Alexander are presently writing up the position descriptions and will be advertising positions in the coming months.

Loddon Shire is starting their two traineeships on 1st February 2021, and are currently advertising and taking applications as of 14 October 2020. Please contact Simone Baker from CVGT Bendigo if you are interested to know more about these or any of the traineeship positions.

If your business is interested in the employment of, or traineeships or providing work experience for a person with a disability, please contact a DES provider in your local area. Please use our resources page for links. And remember, the services of a DES provider are free as they are funded through the federal government.

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