Kyle, the Belmont Hotel, Kennington, VIC and CVGT

Kyle has a great social personality, a passionate interest to work in a pub and lives with Down syndrome. A local employment service CVGT, approached Jaime, the co-owner of the Belmont Hotel and discussed employment options for Kyle who was interested in working for them.

Jaime was initially unsure of the idea at first, but she gave Kyle a chance and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to employ Kyle. The Belmont never felt alone, due to the regular check ins from CVGT who thoroughly prepared Kyle for the position and assisted him in getting a barista certificate.

Kyle loves his position and is an asset to the Belmont Hotel. Although initially shy it did not take him long to learn everything he needed to do. He now enjoys being a barman/barista and the local patrons love him. Jaime mentioned that Kyle is very loyal and often tells customers it is ‘his’ pub. Kyle plans to stay working there until he is much older.

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