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Inclusive Business

You have already taken the first step to becoming a more inclusive business, just by thinking about it! Businesses who would like an in-depth assessment of their premises and an action plan to work through should get in touch at

If you want to do a self- assessment for some simple improvements, first think about your customers and the disabilities they may have. Ask your customers about your business, and if there is anything that you could change to make it more appealing. With one in five people identifying as having some sort of disability if you are not seeing people with disabilities in your businesses, chances are they are choosing not to shop there!

The good news is that there are simple changes you can make to increase you appeal. Go on a physical and virtual tour of your business. There are lots of disabilities and we can’t capture all of them, so it’s important you ask your customers what they need. Start outside the business as you tour, think about how you would experience your business if you were unable to see, hear, read, move around or speak and make note of your responses.

Inclusive Business Checklist

Are opening hours, phone number and email address included in your signage and online?

Update your signage and your online information.

Would you need assistance with the door?

Install a door bell and signage so people can request assistance

Is the entrance at street level?

Purchase a wedge mat or portable ramp available here

Is there furniture or stock in the way of easy access around the shop?

Rearrange your stock – A clear entry is an inviting entry for walking frames, pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Are you and your staff confident in providing customer service to people with disabilities?

Share these free resources for disability awareness and autism awareness with your team

Can someone with limited literacy order from the menu?

Create a simple picture menu and have it available to order from. This isn’t just for people who cannot read, you may find its favoured by people with English as a second language, people with low vision, older people and children as people like to see what they are ordering. There are lots of free resources on google.

Can you and your staff say hello, how are you, thank you and goodbye in Sign language?

Basic Auslan courses are available here.

Do you employ someone with a disability?

See our employment how to page

Are you promoting yourself?

Tell the world what you are doing – if you have an Auslan trained staff member then post about it on Facebook and instagram. Tell the world you have an accessible toilet (seriously!!) and get the word out there that you are an inclusive business that provides great service.

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