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Wheelchair accessible imageInclusive Towns Artwork
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Search for Inclusive businesses, services and amenities

In the search bar above you can type the feature (from the icon list below), location and category.

For example to locate a pub in Bendigo with accessible toilets you would search Accessible toilet, Bendigo, food-entertainment. Likewise wheelchair users shopping for gifts might search Accessible Entry, Kangaroo Flat, Shopping & Homewares.

Or you can click on one of the icons below to search for accessible features.

Who is this website for?

40% of adults identify as having some form of disability or long term health condition in the Bendigo region.



Why we need Inclusive Towns

People with disabilities, like everyone else, purchase goods and services and participate in community life with their family and friends.

If your business is not accessible to these individuals, you could be missing out on a significant proportion of customers.

For people with disabilities, their families, friends and carers

This site is designed to reduce some of the unknowns (where are the accessible toilets?) and frustrations (this pub has steps!) that can be experienced by the community when visiting new places.

You can search the directory of registered businesses by the feature that most benefits you (such as which cafes have autism friendly spaces, accessible toilets or  picture menus) and identify inclusive employers and explore accessible accommodation options.  You can also find the contact information for each business, and additional access and inclusion information for towns who have participated in the Inclusive Towns Project.

The more businesses who register, the more useful this resource becomes, so please spread the word!

For businesses

Register your business on this site so more people know about you!

As well as promoting your business to a wider audience this site huge selection of resources for you to utilise, including tip sheets on inclusive environment and staff training resources for inclusive customer service and disability awareness.  It includes links on local employment agencies that will support you to employ people with disabilities, and a go to list of products and suppliers that will make your business more inclusive, such as portable ramps and braille signs.

The businesses that have participated in the Inclusive Towns Project report a huge increase in confidence levels to meet the needs of their customers with disabilities. Click on the link to explore how your business can become more inclusive.

For Local Government Agencies

Adopting the Inclusive Towns Project creates employment opportunities for local people with disabilities and promotes towns as more attractive place to live, work and visit.

LGA’s are invited to get in touch with us to discuss the benefits of local businesses becoming more inclusive via the ‘How To’ page for LGAs.